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What is Aquanite?

Aquanite is a club management platform which combines all aspects of running your club into a single website system. With your Aquanite website you can manage your coaches, players, parents, sponsors, club news, calendar, events, billing and much, much more.

What makes Aquanite special?

We are not just another website service. Aquanite was developed from the ground up based on the responses of real-world coaches and players. Our software has been designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to grow your club. Period.

Who are the people behind Aquanite?

Please learn more about the Aquanite team by reading our company biography.

Who uses Aquanite?

Aquanite is currently supporting 20 active clubs. Check out the club directory for more info. You can also watch some video testimonials from our current clients.

Does my Aquanite service require a contract?

No! You can cancel your Aquanite service at any time. There is no penalty or cancellation fee.

Does my Aquanite service require a set up fee?

No! Aquanite billing plans do not include any set up fees of any kind.

How does my Aquanite online billing work?

Your Aquanite website automatically integrates with PayPal, allowing you to charge your players, parents and sponsors one-time fees or set up recurring payment programs. PayPal handles all billing information, security, liability and currency exchange issues for you.

Does Aquanite impose transaction fees on my online billing?

No! The only transaction fees you pay are those imposed by PayPal; Aquanite does not impose any additional transaction fees.

Can I get my Aquanite website listed in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing?

Yes! The Aquanite system was designed with built-in SEO optimization. Every single time you publish a bit of club news, a new event, or other public information, this data is automatically shared, complete with all relevant meta-data. The result? Your Aquanite website remains highly visible to search engines, RSS aggregators, and other automated services searching the web. The more you use your Aquanite website, the better your rank will become.

Will you help me run my Aquanite website?

Yes! The Aquanite staff is ready to provide help desk support to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be happy to offer a guided tour of the system, answer any questions you may have, and help you set up your website however you want it.

Can my Aquanite website support custom domains?

Yes! Your Aquanite allows you to use as many custom domains as you want, and several of our billing plans offer custom domain names 100% free.

Can my Aquanite website support custom email?

Yes! Your Aquanite website allows you to create POP3/IMAP and email forwarders, based on your custom domain names, according to the billing plan you have selected.

Can I cancel my Aquanite service without penalty?

Yes! You can cancel your Aquanite service at any time. There is no penalty or cancellation fee.

Can I switch my Aquanite billing plan?

Yes! You can change or upgrade your Aquanite service at any time, according to the changing needs of your club. There is no penalty or other fee.

Can I try Aquanite before I buy?

Yes! Aquanite offers a completely free, fully-functional 14-day trial. We don't even require a credit card- click here to start your free trial. Give us a chance and you will agree: Aquanite is the right service for your club. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose!
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