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It all begins with water polo...

The story of Aquanite begins in 1997, when a 13-year-old Chris Goodwin met Brent Bohlender at Johansen High School in Modesto, California. This is where Chris was first introduced to the game of water polo. Coach Bohlender, member of the USA Water Polo Hall Of Fame and Coach of the Woman's National Team from 1984-1999, remains a master of the game, and an invaluable ally to Chris to this day.

Coach Bohlender mentored Chris Goodwin, teaching him the fundamentals of water polo, and life itself. This is where Chris learned the core value of Aquanite: hard work pays off- inside the pool, and everywhere else too.

After high school, Chris Goodwin was lucky enough to find more mentors. Eric Fisher, Head Coach at Modesto Junior College, helped Chris refine his skills and further his love of the game. This is also where Chris Goodwin met Dave Ashleigh, another member of the USA Water Polo Hall Of Fame, and trainer of 1984 U.S. Olympian winner of the bronze medal for Water Polo. Together they worked to develop Chris further, both as an athlete, and as a man. Beyond water polo, Chris began developing as a leader.

Later, at Nothridge University, Chris Goodwin found the guidance of NCAA Division 1 swim coach Barry Screffiels. Here, as captain of his team, Chris was forced to prove himself as a leader. This is also where Chris discovered a love of CSS and Photoshop and all things design- a passion that would come in handy down the road.

As an adult, Chris Goodwin and Brent Bohlender reunited at the Modesto Stanislaus club. Coach Bohlender was frusterated with his club's website, and unhappy with the options available to him. Chris joined the project, and agreed that the existing club website was terrible. After searching for a suitable service, and finding only lame cookie-cutter websites, the idea for Aquanite was born...

Passion plus talent equals success...

Chris Goodwin had a dream: the ultimate web-based platform for swimming and water polo. However, in order to make this dream a reality, he needed help. Enter Josh Pause.

When introduced to the Aquanite concept, Josh Pause had already been developing advanced websites for several years, pushing the boundaries and blurring the line between desktop software and web-based platforms. Josh was immediately attracted to the idea, and working together with Chris, the dynamic duo produced the first version of the Aquanite platform in less than two months.

Version one enjoyed modest success, but it wasn't long before an upgrade was needed. The platform was proving more popular than originally anticipated, and in order to support a rapidly growing user-base, a second version of the platform was quickly designed launched.

Version two brought stability to the platform, allowing the user-base to expand with confidence. However, this expansive user-base was both a blessing, and a curse. Chris and Josh had done their best, but they had not, could not, anticipate every need of their real-world coaches and players. They were flooded with ideas and suggestions. Worse still, most of these suggestions were pretty good. Once again it was back to the drawing board!

Version three spent more than 18 months in development. It was born from the ideas and feedback gathered from real-world coaches in real-world applications. In the end, it required Josh Pause and Chris Goodwin to completely re-write the entire system from scratch. Although a daunting task, it allowed the pair to learn from past mistakes, and implement an entirely new approach to club management.

The future of Aquanite...

In March of 2012, Aquanite finally launched the third version of our platform, and with it, the best available service on the market, hands down. Does this mean we're ready to rest on our butts? Hell no!

One of the biggest changes to the new Aquanite platform was the inclusion of widgets. This allows us to add new features to the platform quickly and easily. This way, when a coach or player comes to us with a good idea, we don't make excuses, we make a widget! To this day, most of our best widget ideas have come from our users' suggestions.

Our staff is working to constantly improve your Aquanite website and your users' experience. The web is a dynamic place; it moves pretty quickly. New services, platforms and standards are introduced every day. As the web continues to evolve, so too does the Aquanite platform.

Beyond the web, Aquanite is working to support the water polo and swimming communities. Our mission statement is simple: every kid deserves a coach. To that end, we work to grow the sport, to help struggling new programs find solid footing, and help established programs grow to new heights.

There is an entire generation of kids out there, currently sitting on their butts in front of a television. We think that's a tragedy. Those kids need discipline and mentorship, just like Chris Goodwin received all those years ago. Those kids belong in your water polo or swimming program! Those kids deserve a coach!

And that is why Aquanite is here.

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